Snelle & De Lieve Jongens Band

2020 is gonna be THE year for Dutch artist Snelle. Together with his “Lieve Jongens Band” Snelle will perform at all major festival upcoming season. Jimmy is drummer and Musical Director.


Since 2010, Jimmy has been the consistent drummer in the band from Roel van Velzen. With this musical group, he writes, tours and performs in well-known theaters and stages, events and festivals throughout the Netherlands. His recorded music is evident on the albums “Call it Luck” and “The Rush of Life”.

Dinand Woesthoff – DW SOLO

More news comin’ soon!

VVAL Huisband

House-band for De Vrienden Van Amstel LIVE! Performed with Lil’ Kleine, Kraantje Pappie, Diggy Dex, Gers Pardoel, Brainpower, Paul de Leeuw, Xander de Buisonjé, André Hazes en VanVelzen.

Soundwise Band

The Soundwise band performs as the house band on big live events and tv shows like “It Takes 2”, “The Passion” and “Holland Zingt Hazes”.